Free WiFi Internet on all over Makati City

Just read this news from GMA Network’s online news portal, that Makati just had started a free WIFI service served from the Makati City Hall as the main hotspot. It was said that this was a starting part of the plan of making the whole Makati City a WiFi zone, thus becoming the very first city on the Philippines for such kind of wireless public service.

Report says that it will be backed by PLDT as its service provider (ISP).

I do not live in Makati City but thinking that this might come into reality is a real blessing for each residence as per they do not need to pay for internet connection wherever they are within Makati area. But still, even if its a very good initiative; it is still too good to be true. Here are some questions running on my mind:

What will happen to other 3rd-party ISPs that serves households and other internet relying establishments on Makati? Of course they will still subscribe for a better internet but this might somehow cause a drop for sales on the providers’ end.

How will the municipality deal with some sort of abusers, misusing the free internet service? It can’t be helped right?

When will this be fully implemented? How are they gonna possibly cover up the whole Makati area with an internet shared over a wireless network? This might really need some amount of resources I guess.

Still, its a pretty decent news for Makati residents, and thanks to the city’s VP Binay.


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