Globe Tattoo Torque at blazing fast 100Mbps!

Globe Tattoo Torque. This might be the fastest broadband, and its one of the Tattoo products by Globe, having a blazing and whooping speed of up to 100Mbps! Whoah, that was super-ultra fast! XD They say that it is the fastest internet connection available in the country today and one of the fastest anywhere in the world.

Globe Tattoo Torque Modem

Globe Tattoo Torque Modem

The Globe Tattoo Torque, is powered by the breakthrough technology Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON). It’s the secret behind that hyper speed. The connection is share-able without the reduction of speed and performance. According to Globe, all Tattoo Torque plans also come with free landline service and Wifi router. For more info, you can check out:


Globe Tattoo Torque

Globe Tattoo Torque Rates and Plans. Tattoo Torque Plans have a lock-in period of 24 months. They are available only in: Forbes Park, Urdaneta Village, Bel Air, and Serendra D&E (Makati, Taguig).


Since it was also subjected to FUP by Globe, I guess you cannot really make the most of what you had paid for. XD Not for the poor people like us. Haha.

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