Innos D10 with 6000mAh: could be a Cloudfone Quad-Core flagship?

The Innos D10 is the successor to the previous Innos D9 which became popular due to its massive 4160mAh battery capacity. It was rebranded and brought here to the Philippines in the name of Cloudfone Thrill 430x.

The Innos D10 has 6000mAh battery, its quite impossible to believe yet its really coming. Will Cloudfone rebrand this as well to present their latest quad-core flagship under this OEM? Let us hope so.

Innos D10 - Cloudfone

Innos D10, looks thinner

The Innos D10 full specifications is still unknown yet. Though here are some key-features of the Innos D10 as posted from Chinese sources:

  • uses IPS+LTPS screen. IPS screen makes viewing angles really good while the LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon) technology on the screen helps on efficient energy consumption. Imagine that, you have a lot of juice already from the packed 6000mAh battery, and still the hardware is optimized with power-saving capabilities.
  • Snapdragon MSM8625Q. It sports this quad-core processor from Qualcomm, Innos is known for using such line of processor chipset for its devices.
  • 5-inch, 1280×720 pixels HD, OGS screen. To make up with the current bandwagon of quad core Android phones nowadays, this Innos D10 will be slated with a 5-inch HD screen. The OGS technology makes a better looking screen as well.

There is a 3000mAh version of the Innos D10 upcoming as well, which is an optional choice for buyers.

Other information on the Innos D10 is not yet announced. June 13 is the scheduled date for the full revelation of the Innos D10.

Will this be the Cloudfone Thrill 500x? It might be and for sure will be a hit as per a lot of Android users are demanding on battery performance of smartphones nowadays. We’ll see.

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