Let’s play SMART Pixel Galaxy Promo! (win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or a Samsung E1080 mobile phone)

Do you want to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or a Samsung E1080 mobile phone units? There are exactly 12 units of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s (P 30,000/each) and 10 units of Samsung E1080 (P 1,200/each) to be given away! Brought to us, only by Smart Communications! Join now the SMART Pixel Galaxy Promo!

This is a great promo offer from Smart and for Facebook Users. All you have to do is use the SMART Pixel Galaxy Promo facebook app and then start unlocking pixels! Try it now so you can see what I am talking about.

This is how the game looks like:

Smart Pixel Galaxy

Smart Pixel Galaxy

You just have to click on pixels, see a Samsung Galaxy trivia, then hope that there is a prize behind that pixel. Isn’t that so easy? Well, its a matter of luck, but still its worth trying for, who knows.^^

How the promo/game works:

Clicking on a certain Tile will zoom you for more tiles.

Then, you can now start unlocking pixels, just click on a pixel and select Yes.

A Trivia related to Samsung Galaxy Tab and SMART will randomly show each and after your every pixel unlocking.

After seeing the trivia, you will now be then informed if you are lucky enough to chance on the prize, if not, the sad android shows. You can still just try again.

SMART Pixel Galaxy Promo Winners

As what I am talking about being lucky, it’s not wrong to get envy with these guys. :P

Smart Pixel Galaxy Winners

Smart Pixel Galaxy Winners

So this game is real! There are now winners! When I started to play this game, there isnt any winners yet, and that made me bored. But now, I now have the urge to play everyday. We never know when will all the prizes gets unlocked, so better be hurry using your pixel click points.


How to join?

  1. Just go to this link: Smart Pixel Galaxy Promo
  2. or click on the image below.

    Join now!

  3. You will be asked to use your the facebook app, so its necessary that you have a facebook account and then allow the application.
  4. After that, fill-in your details such as your name, e-mail, mobile number and complete address.
  5. Then, start clicking pixels and unlock the prizes!

Smart Pixel Galaxy Promo Cheats and Hacks

I guess there isn’t any hacks or exploit on this game yet. Im not sure though if there would be one. But let us not think that way, let’s just play this game for fun!^_^ Enjoy clicking, and you might win if you are really lucky.

For more info:

credits: Smart's Facebook Fanpage

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