Malware Virus from Opera Mini

Hi guys! Yeah, you’ve read it right. A report from Trend Micro’s blog says that certain Opera Mini installers might contain virus that will surely destroy you mobile systems.

The information regarding those malwares includes:

  • J2ME_FAKEBROWS.A – a j2me virus. O_o present on jar/jad files.
  • ANDROIDOS_FAKEBROWS.A – an android malware virus, present on APK files.

fake Opera Mini site! BEWARE!

Then, Opera News released their input regarding this matter. Opera News stated that those malware inflicted Opera Mini installers are just downloaded from fake Opera Mini sites that was designed to look the same as te site

Opera News therefore advice people to not download Opera Mini from untrusted sites, other than

So if you are a java or android platform user, please do take enough precaution when downloading and installing Opera Mini apps from untrusted sites. Just always check the domain of the file source.

As for those who are Handler Applications fans, I guarantee you that those app are safe, as per sir handler is a well known and respected entity in the mobile world and java modifying.

Well of course, I will never upload stuff infected with virus and share it on my blog. You can trust me with that.^_^

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