MyPhone A919: Exclusive Hands-On

Since the myPhone A919 was already mentioned on their site, and many fans are already talking about it; I really cant help now to hold up myself not mentioning this new myPhone model on this site. So I’ll be just posting a really really short post about that myPhone A919!

A couple of days ago, a few bloggers and I had a chance to be with the myPhone team, and their president. On that event, the myPhone’s president showed us the myPhone A919. I managed to have a chance to play with it, and yes I am really impressed.

That’s it. :D

Well, I am really itching on posting the full details and exciting stuff I know about this myPhone A919 but I wont spill it yet until its official release. So stay tuned for the full details of my exclusive hands-on review and “impressions” post about this myPhone A919; I am positive that I can score a unit once it comes out so expect for my in-depth review as well.

By the way, we have a myPhone A868 in the house; full review coming soon. Also, I’ve managed to make a hands-on with the myPhone A878; I will post the details soon. I am also positive that we’ll be able to score one or even a myPhone a879 so that we can come up with our own in-depth review.

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Okay because we really love our readers, here’s a photo of the myPhone A919, enjoy it for yourself. :D

myPhone A919

myPhone A919 – back, LOL :D

Stay tuned for the price, specs, photos and more details on the myPhone A919.

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