Nintendo Switch Price Increase

Just when I finally made up my mind that I will now pick up a Nintendo Switch, it is just sad to know that the price just increased even more.

When the Nintendo Switch was announced, I was so excited that I even said that I will buy it as a birthday gift for myself. The Switch was released on March and my birthday was on April, so it was a good excuse to buy one.

Sadly, the local price of the Switch was too steep for me back then. So that is why I hold up for longer before really buying one. I have been a Nintendo fan ever since, I still have my 3DS’es, Wii U, Wii, and even GameCube on my shelves. Also, there isn’t any game yet that pushed me on buying one.

Back then, I opt to play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on my Wii U.

Now, after the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 direct, it is when I got pumped that I had this need to pick a Switch right away so I could play this RPG. I played Xenoblade Chronicles on the New 3DS and the Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U that is why I am “really feeling it”.

But XC2’s release date is not until next month, December 1st. It is still a long wait. I scoured over the few titles available on the Switch right now, and I really don’t have any of them that could satisfy my RPG hunger while waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Yet I kept on researching for the accessories for the Switch, I do not intend to spend too much with the accessories. Lesson learned from my previous console purchases. I might just grab a carrying case and a tempered glass at minimum because even the accessories aren’t cheap.

One day I was ready to buy a Switch, but I will get it in installment with my Unionbank credit card. Unfortunately, Datablitz or even GameOne (iTech) doesn’t accept installment basis with this bank’s CC. It sucks, and to think that there isn’t any game yet that I would want to play with the Switch, I did not even bother to withdraw from the ATM for a cash payment.

To cut the story, I ended up not buying the Switch and just now, knowing that the price for the unit only bundle of the Nintendo Switch increased by P500, it is a wtf moment.

Why do they have to increase the price? I even now lost my interest with this console and I might still hold off for a even little longer, maybe until 2018 when the price get more enticing and a limited edition Switch console appears.

Here’s the Nintendo Switch price and bundles provided to me by GameOne:

  • Switch Unit Only(Neon or Gray) is 19,495 less 1,000 if cash

Switch Bundle

  • Switch Unit + 1 game from SET A & 1 game from SET B + Accessories and 3 Random Amiibo Animal Crossing is 24,495 cash less 1000.

Set A: Mario Kart 8 / Zelda Breath of the Wild / Splatoon 2 / Pokken / NBA 2k18 / FIFA 18

Set B: ARMS / Street Fighter

  • Mario Odyssey Bundle with Mario Pouch, Screen Protector, Game and Stickers is 22,995 less 1,000 if cash
  • Mario Odyssey Bundle with Game, Snakebyte Accessories, Street Fighter and 3 Random Amiibo Animal Crossing is 24,995 cash less 1,000

Before it was just 18995 less 1000 if cash for a Switch unit only. I am not sure with Datablitz yet, if they had increased their prices yet. But seeing that Datablitz and GameOne just mirrors each others’ pricing, it might be what it is.

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