Spotted: Samsung Galaxy S3 China Phone Clone, Non-Android knock-off sells for less than Php2K

Look at what we found here, another knock-off of the famous Samsung Galaxy S3. Well then, this one is different with the previous clone we had posted before. This clone is not running on Android, I bet. Looks like more of a dual-SIM touch phone .

Samsung Galaxy S3 China Phone

Samsung Galaxy S3 China Phone

Obviously, as you can see it doesn’t match the Galaxy S3 in 1:1 physique. But its  being sold with the name of the Galaxy SIII disreputably used. It looks ugly, yes. Its not bad to make a good laugh over this clone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII i9090 China Phone

Source reports that this one was bought at a Php1,700 price tag on a place they call “pier” (on Pampanga? I’m not really familiar with it)

Some specs and features as posted by source (if you might be interested. LOL)

  • Superstrong High-low sound speaker
  • GPRS/WAP 2.0
  • mp3, mp4, avi, 3gp, rmvb file types playback support
  • touchscreen (it might be resistive)
  • Dual SIM standby, GSM 850/900 DCS 1800/1900 bands
  • Camera, FM Radio, and Bluetooth

Hell yeah, it isn’t an Android phone. You might realize that you’ve wasted some minutes of your life reading about this phone. Better yet, check out this nearly 1:1 clone of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Its running Android ICS, and a clone you might keep for yourself.

source here.

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