Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked renders

So here’s the buzz right now with Samsung; drawings of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 has surfaced online, so as the actual image of the said device renders based on these images. Restating the obvious, yeah, it reminds us of the iPhone 6. Well, please do take these info with a grain of salt.

Here’s the leaked drawing as they say:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Drawing

According to the information we can get from the drawings, the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be at 70.8mm*143.3mm and a thickness of just 6.9mm (reaching 8.79mm if the protruding camera on the back). The display size is at 4.9 inches, not bigger than 5.0″? Surprising.

Here are more views, for the front and back layout:

Samsung Galaxy S6 drawing front

Samsung Galaxy S6 drawing back

And here’s the rendered image of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 for everyone’s pleasure:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Final Render

Talking back about the screen size, we are aware that the Galaxy flagship line increases in screen size but in this case, from the S5 at 5.1 inches now down to 4.9 inches at the S6. It could be Samsung’s peculiar way of setting the border for distinction within its another set of flagships in the Galaxy Note lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S6 render corner

Everyone can agree that it really got the same looks as the iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 protruding camera

So this is how it will look with that protruding camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6 drawing rounded corners

A close-up look on the side edges to emphasize that it will have rounded ones.

I am not sure what to feel about this alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 design being a resemblance to the iPhone 6 design.

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