Starmobile Astra: upcoming Android Phone to hit the Philippines

Happy Man by Starmobile teases us with their upcoming Android phone; with a guess, it will be called the Starmobile Astra.

Judging from the looks, yes it does looks sexy and smart. Even though there isnt much posted info’s about it from Starmobile, (aside only for that photo) here’s our thoughts about it by the way.

Here’s the Starmobile Astra on preview:

StarMobile Astra

StarMobile Astra (image source: link)

Honestly, when I first saw it, it first reminded me of the Newman N1 by Newsmy, an attractive dual-core China phone I had reviewed on my China Phone Reviews blog because of its design, specs and price tag. It maybe just the shape and color scheme of the wallpaper, but taking a closer look on its physical details, it clearly says that it is not.

Also, I am too lazy to start the research on this China phone as there is a very vast selection of Chinese Android phones. This one also just looks like the other Android phones that we had seen before. Do you remember the DTC GT3?

However, the obvious difference is; the 4 soft-touch Android buttons aren’t there anymore but is already replaced by the 3-ICS button. Thus with this observation, we can easily conclude that the Starmobile Astra will run on Android 4.0 ICS out of the box.

The UI might be a custom one by Starmobile, we can say that due to the differently styled notification bar.

Screen size? It might be a 4-inch, which we can say that its quite decent.

As for the system info, regarding its chipset, its safe to assume that it might be a single-core MT6575 1GHz CPU just like what my ZOPO ZP100 have. But what excites me is the thought that it might be possible to sport a dual-core MT6577 CPU. That is way much better, we’ll see.

Does somebody already seen this phone somewhere? Tip us up!

Too bad, there is not much info we can speculate here, the Starmobile Astra teaser is really such a tease!

I just hope we can manage to get a unit for us to review. (calling Happy Man!) This phone looks promising if our spec expectations is reached and matched with a reasonably cheap/affordable price tag.

We’ll update you once we manage to collect more info regarding this Starmobile Astra Android phone.

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