White Cherry Mobile Titan: Limited Edition, now available!

The one of the most-wanted and hunted local Android smartphone these days gets a new color, the white version of the Cherry Mobile Titan is already out! Still don’t have one, but planning to get one? Its now easier to own one now, read on.

White Cherry Mobile Titan

White Cherry Mobile Titan

In case you still dont know about this awesome phablet yet, take time to check out our hands-on review of the Cherry Mobile Titan. You will be wowed that this 5-inch dual SIM and dual-core Android phone is priced at just Php6,499. Yes, that is its official pricing up until now.

Going back to the white Cherry Mobile Titan, here’s some actual photos of it. Photo credits to the members of the “Cherry Mobile W500 Titan Users…” facebook group.

Cherry Mobile Titan White on display

Cherry Mobile Titan White on display (credits: Dave Santos Ramos)

While here’s some few catch on the white versions of the Titan; first is it does have a flip cover included but it is black. Then the other catch was, there are no free flip covers included anymore on the latter stocks of this white Cherry Mobile phablet.

White Titan with Flip Cover

White Titan with Flip Cover (credits: Krafty Kats)

As they said, its limited edition so you might want to grab it now already if white is really your taste. Well for me I can say that it looks good either way around, black or white but this white looks more elegant.

In case you are having a hard time looking for a place to buy a Cherry Mobile Titan, you can just order one from Lazada PH. They will deliver it to your doorsteps for free and you’ll pay via cash-on-delivery so no risks here.

Cherry Mobile Titan White W500

Cherry Mobile Titan White W500

As long as you see the “Buy Now” button from the online store, its still in stock. That means after some few days of wait, your order will be delivered straight on your doorsteps. Here’s the links btw:

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