Wow! 12Mbps Speed from the New SmartBro Rocket Plug-It?

12Mbps Speed from the New SmartBro Rocket Plug-It

Smart, announced their new HSPA+ capable plug-it, the SmartBro Rocket Plug-It which has a speed of up to 12Mbps. The Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini now has its rival, and I think SMART really know how to play the game. They made it prepaid as the same rate of their regular internet service, unlike Globe’s postpaid plan.

Though the coverage for the availability of the 12Mbps speed isn’t for nationwide yet, It will surely hit the whole nation.

For me this would be a good investment if you got the good signal reception. Well, I might be eyed to buying this one if chance permits. The 12Mbps wows me, though I actually know that its megabits/sec not Megabytes/sec. Heheh. :P

Still, its always been: the faster, the better.

How about you, will you go for it?

Credits: YugaTech, for more info’s.

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