A Note to all HSS/EXS VPN users with Pinger

Hi guys!

Are you using HSS or Expatshield VPN? Or any VPN with auto-pinger bundled with your VPN config? If yes, then its a good thing that you are reading this.

Have you ever encountered a page like this?

Oooops! Blocked by Google?!

Oooops! Blocked by Google?!

Okay, I will get you straight with this matter. That page is caused by repetitive request on google from a single IP. Yes, it is because we are using Alsedi pinger, which was bundled on the config of the VPN we are using.

Alsedi Pinger Mini Window

Alsedi Pinger Mini Window

Using a PINGER is somehow good. It seemingly maintains a live connection, or rather help you get track wether you still have a working connection. But the bad thing we did about it is, we are using www.google.com as host for ping requests.

Then with that, we HSS/EXS users have been marked with a kinda red flag by google. Occasionally, you’ll get that page upon searching on google, in case youve run out max search queries quota per day from Google. Some services that uses google accounts may also ban you from using the particular service.

That’s how awful the use of pinger we are into.

So what can we do now?

  • You can change the host it pings, or
  • You should not use a pinger anymore. Just by closing it upon right-clicking its mini window or icon and selecting close, or you might remove the code that calls a request to initiate pinging upon the VPN connection process.

Then that’s it! :D

I just hate it when I need to do google searches but this page blocks me. O.o oh well, just another disadvantage of relying into using VPN for internet.

I now use www.facebook.com as host on my Alsedi pinger options. Hahah. Using pinger is good. For me, I can always monitor, or know beforehand if my VPN connection will work, or if it is still working and so I could have internet access or should I be doing a troubleshooting or reconnection.

Well, its up to you.

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