Fixing Problems with Pages Blocked by Hotspotshield

I am  always using Hotspotshield VPN when downloading movie files. Using this VPN gives me the max speed I can get out of my usb broadband. In the same way, it eliminates the 800MB bandwidth limit from Globe, so I am able to download a lot of videos as long as I want.

But there are times that I cannot download some files from my favorite filehost, which was mediafire. The download never starts on IDM. And when I manually add the URL on IDM, it only fetches an html page with a link like this:

I am getting that too, on some webpages. Here it how it looks like on a webpage:

Warning: this is a reported attack page, blocked by HotspotShield!

Warning: this is a reported attack page, blocked by HotspotShield!

Before, to be able to get past through that hotspotshield anti-phish page firewall, I use to switch my VPN connection into another VPNs. This is hassle. O_o

But then, I figured out that, to fix this issue, only a simple thing should be done. I copied the raw mediafire link and access it on another browser. Then I can now download it, using IDM, and the so-called hotspotshield firewall wont be triggered anymore! In my case, I get that annoying snapshot page on Chrome, so re-accessing everything on Firefox saves the day!

Hope this helps. Downloading to the max again!^_^


It seems that blocked sites can just be easily bypassed and browsed by clicking on the “real site” link showed on HSS splash page. But that doesnt works for me because I had blocked all the domains that relates to this VPN on my hosts file. I had to do this because I just want to have a 100% ad-free browsing from HSS VPN.

For mediafire links, and downloads that arent starting, I found out two solutions:

  1. Use service to generate URLs of mediafire downloads. It works but the downside are; you cannot get 100% download speed, and it wont work on mediafire file links that are password protected.
  2. Use proxy service. It has been tested that even a 200MB file link can be downloaded through this online proxy service. Just paste the url of the blocked mediafire file link to the online proxifier box and you are good to go.

Enjoy! ^_^

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