Free Internet for Nokia N70 and other Nokia Symbian S60 Phones – Globe & TM

Hi guys! I just thought making this post would be useful for those who still doesn’t know about this yet.

My demo would be a Nokia N70 (that’s my phone) but this can be also applied to certain S60 phones, as per their settings and navigations are somehow the same. Okay, lets start.


Before anything else, be sure that your sim card is already INET ACTIVATED (means that it can connect with the APN: Most Globe Sims are already INET ACTIVATED, while some TM sims requires activation request. If you are a TM user, take time to read this post: TM Internet Activation.

Make sure that your load balance is not more than P4 or else, P5 will be deducted to your balance for every 15mins of browsing. Globe is pretty smart eh? :P

Phone Settings

Just follow this simple steps on how you can set-up your phone’s internet connection. We will use the Globe Magic IP as settings, in this case, as per it is the currently working free internet trick. Heheh. :D

Free Internet for Globe

2. A list of APN will show. For an ease, just choose MyGlobe INET. Already has as APN, just what we need.
Free Internet for Globe

3. Press OPTIONS > ADVANCE SETTINGS. We just have to edit the proxy serv. address and the port, as you can see, its blank.
Free Internet for Globe

4. Now edit the required fields. As what I had said, we will use Magic IP such as with port 80.
Free Internet for Globe

5. Done! Just press back and back and back. :P okey na yan.
Free Internet for Globe

Downloading an Opera Mini for your Phone

For me, browsing with opera mini is the best. Suppose you dont have OM yet. Lets download it!

1. Open your WEB BROWSER. Then change its SETTINGS. Select the myGlobe INET that we had edited before.
Free Internet for Globe

After setting it to default, press BACK.

2. Now, go to address
Free Internet for Globe

3. That is the official site of opera mini. Then your phone will be detected and so a designated version of Opera Mini will be suggested to you.
Free Internet for Globe

4. Download it and install! Sit back and relax. :P

Using Opera Mini

After you had successfully installed OM, just find it on your My Own folder or wherever, just Open it now.

Free Internet for Globe

Then use the myGlobe INET we used before.

Press ACCEPT. Then yun na! Makakapagbrowse and download ka na! Enjoy! ^_^
Free Internet for Globe


After successful install, you might be thinking of changing the OM settings. Press #+8.

Check if the protocol is on HTTP and then the Connection is the myGlobe INET.
Free Internet for Globe

Then Image Quality: High, then Mobile View: On. Thats for the best mobile browsing experience. :P
Free Internet for Globe

Opera Mini 6 Symbian can download files except jar and jad files. You can now download all you want now.

Free Internet for Globe

I will make other version of this post for other phone units as long as I can get a hand on that unit. Heheh. Share this and Enjoy! Like us on facebook: for more updates. :)

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