Free Internet for Globe Tattoo and SmartBro Broadband using VPN

Update: Expatshield is now working again for Globe, using the 11-11-11 update tricks. :D

Hi guys! I’m now back to share something that I had been enjoying these past few days. hehe. at last, I had made this one working for me, and its rocking good. well, if you want to enjoy some free internet on your laptop or pc, you’re lucky, you are on the right place! in this post, i will teach you how to use a vpn, in this case, its ExpatShield VPN.


First of all, you need the following:

  • a laptop, netbook, or PC (of course, Win7, XP, or Vista –it doesn’t matter as long as it is windows and functioning good)
  • a broadband stick, SmartBro or Globe tattoo will do. i am using a smartbro stick but the im card inside is a Globe sim. haha. its because smart’s signal in our place is very weak, i need to use globe in order to enjoy 3G or HSPA internet. you can only do that if your stick is open lined or unlocked.
  • some few common sense.

okay, if all is now. we can proceed. take note that globe sim is okay with zero prepaid load balance, while smart needs at least P2 balance in order to connect on the internet.


Download Files

before we can really proceed, hahah. you need these files. its important that you download this files, its really needed and this will do the magic. :D


after you already have the necessary files, lets proceed to the step by step process.


Step 1. Configure your Broadband Settings

if you are using globe dashboard with globe sim, choose the prepaid settings, in case you need the configs, here they are:

for globe > using globe sim w/0 balance


Access number: *99#

Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP

for smart > using smart sim w/ at least P2 balance (not smart bro sim)

APN: internet

Access Number: *99#

Authentication Protocol Settings: PAP or CHAP

Step 2. Connect your dashboard.

after your dashboard has been connected, it means that you have an internet connection. take note that for smart, you need a prepaid balance of at least P2. but you cannot browse yet..

Step 3. Open ExpatShhield.exe

on the archive you have downloaded, extract it anywhere you want then inside the folder there is the Expatshield.exe, if you are using XP just double click it, if you are using vista or win7, right click and choose Run as Administrator. it is important that you do that, or else it wont work. hehe :D

Step 4. Connect to servers.

after running ExpatShield.exe, there would be a red shield icon that will be added on your system tray, that indicates ExpatShield not being connected yet. to connect, just right click on the red shield icon, then choose the server you want, any server will do.

a pop up window with the vpn status will show. if you got OK’s then you are doing good. if not, try again from the 2nd step, you night have done something wrong, or there might be a problem with your ISP. no OK’s = no internet access.

connected VPN. you now have free internet! YAY!

if successful, a notification balloon will appear.  if you can see something like that, chhers! you now have the free internet! YAY!

just surf and enjoy no need to configure your browser anymore.

free internet. zero balance but able to connect. powered by ExpatShield VPN

That’s it! enjoy! ExpatShield VPN is fast unlike any other tunneling apps i had tried before. you can now use skype, ym and any other apps that needs internet connection. download speed is good too, just use IDM.

The only cons about this is, the advertisement, anyway, i suggest you just us an ad-block plugin for your browser. it is using a UK IP, i dont know if that is a cons for you. hehe. take note that it DC every four hours, not sure but i just experienced getting disconnected after having straight four hours of surfing. anyway, just reconnect and your good to go again.


I would like to give credits to those people that shared this VPN. thanks to 89dufpoqidjv and drwang12 of symbianize. its his post on the forum that i had tried and successfully helped me came up with these stuff. hehe

that’s it for today! enjoy the free internet –why pay if you can have it free.haha. I’m going to post some more other alternatives in the future after I had tried them, for the mean time, just enjoy this. Share and like if this helps! :)

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