Beware of this GLOBE GCASH Scam Modus

GLOBE would like to warn everyone about an imminent text scam/fraud that involves GCASH. The scenario goes like this:

The scammer/fraudster sends a text message that demands bills payment from postpaid subscribers through text messages with instructions to deposit payment to a specific account or via GCASH.

Here’s a sample message for your reference:


Sounds terrifying and authoritative, right? But this is just a scam tactic.

“We would like to inform and warn our subscribers not to heed fraudulent text messages alluding to non-payment of bills and demanding payment through certain accounts or via GCASH.  Instead of responding to such messages, subscribers should report such incidents to us,” -lawyer Froilan Castelo, Head of Globe Corporate, Legal Services Group.

We should always remember that legitimate advisories should come from a sender named “GLOBE”. Then the bill payments via GCASH must be handled by the GCASH app which requires a transaction confirmation from 2882.

Beware guys. When in doubt, ask customer service agents first. Stay safe everyone.

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