Globe Magic SIM: No need to unblock!

Are you having trouble with unblocking your GLOBE sims? Tried it for many times, but still no luck? Well, never ever think of buying unlocked GLOBE sims from people that sells it at a high price. If you are ready to buy for a new sim, go for the magic sim.

It aint actually a Magic SIM. I was just inventing a term, hahah you just have to retain its magic. :D Thanks to dumdum for the tip he sent through the comments section.

No need to do the unblocking process, just follow these notes, in case you are planning to purchase a new sim and hoping for a free internet on your GLOBE broadband connection using VPN:

  • Never attempt to text BONUS to 8888 to get the free internet hours as what was indicated on the sim pack.
  • Do not do any balance inquiry.
  • Do not send any text/SMS to any numbers.
  • After unpacking the new simcard, insert on your globe tattoo broadband stick, connect it directly. Then proceed on connecting your VPN. You can now use VPN again.

Our friend, dumdum said that he had tested it for three times, and he was actually using  ShieldVPN.

By the way, here is the simcard he had purchased, tried the same steps, succeeded and was using:

Globe Magic SIM?

Globe Magic SIM? ^_^

I am not sure if it just works on that kind of GLOBE sim card. Let’s just hope, that those kind of GLOBE simcards isn’t phased-out yet and is still available on the market and stores. :D

I, myself, haven’t tried it yet. This might be useful to some who cant still unblock their GLOBE sim cards. This might help, so I decided to share it for the benefits of more people. Hope this will helps. Enjoy! ^_^

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