Globe’s FREE FB: Free Facebook and Free Internet

globe free fb I just had registered on FREE FB with my Globe ROCKS sim. You can too, just send FREE FB to 8888 and enjoy free facebook access while it lasts. :D You must have at least P1 of prepaid load balance before texting.

I registered via the GLOBE Broadband Dashboard. :D

Send FREE FB to 8888

Send FREE FB to 8888

Then I received this confirmation text.

you are now registered on free fb

you are now registered on free fb

You are now registered to FREE FB. Enjoy FREE Facebook on your mobile phone until Mar 14, 2012! Click on to start browsing. To check status, text FREE FB STATUS to 8888. To stop the service, text FREE FB STOP to 8888. Stopping the service will automatically forfeit remaining days available. Promo is NOT open to Opera Mini browser users. Regular browsing rates apply when accessing other links (ex: Youtube, Yahoo, etc), unless registered to an internet promo. You can also register to PowerSurf, P15 for 1 hour or 20MB of consumable mobile internet. Text POWERSURF15 to 8888 to register. Guided by Globe Acceptable Terms on Fair Use. Promo til 03/14/2012. DTI 0997 and 0995.

Cool promo huh? :D Thank you to GLOBE for this nice promo. Now, everybody can access facebook for free from their phones. :D Well, this promo is limited to non-Tattoo subscribers.

This promo ends on March 14, 2012. We are not sure if it will really be ending on that date. Or whatever might happen next after that date.

Well, registering for this service, not only gives you free access to facebook, but also to other sites, letting you browse the internet for free. That was so cool. I tried it, and yes, I can access not just facebook but other sites too. The downside to it only was, the connection is sometimes really slow. I thought I can now play Tetris Battle, but still I can’t. Anyways, for mobile, they can just use Magic IP tricks for a faster connection. Magic IP isn’t really good for pc browsing as per it has problems with secure sites.

Promo is NOT open to Opera Mini browser users. This part caught my attention. How come they arent covered with the promo? GLOBE might orchestrated this for people to stop using Opera Mini, despite the fact that SMART and Opera Mini are partners, plus people uses Opera Mini for free mobile internet access. But since using this FREE FB gives free internet, this restriction is really just a blaff.

FREE FB = Free Internet

Since this gives free internet, this is very useful for mobile users, such as those smartphones owners (Android, iOS, Symbian, etc.) Also, for those who finds it hard to unblock their GLOBE sim cards for VPN use, they can rest for it as per this already entitles them for free internet access. I am currently using it right now.

I have no idea what will happen next. If GLOBE is really up to something we don’t know. They might just be under operation to trace the source of free internet and such, thus fixing their holes as so no more free internet for wise people. But, let’s just enjoy this for the mean time. I registered the sim card I am not using actually, in case there might be something not good occur after the promo period ends. :P

This ends on March 14, 2012 so its nearly less than a month left. Let’s just hope that after that period, we still can access the internet for free. Hahah.

Ang lakas natin sa Globe. Go lang ng go! ^_^

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