GPRS on TM, Touch Mobile FBT/UBT

Good news! This is to confirm that TM now has GPRS ( so you can now access the internet even using your Touch Mobile sim. The news was I guess, more than few weeks ago. Heheh :D

At first, I dont want to try it. Some said it works, others dont. And when I tried it, it didn’t worked too. /fail

And so I get tired and didn’t get the urge to post about this. But now, this post confirms that it still works!

For them. Hahah. :D

it seems that it is a per luck basis. If it works on you, you are lucky! Cheers.

some said, old TM sims are lucky sims too. Other confirms 0935xxxxxxx are also lucky too.

Free internet using Globe Magic IP. Lower cost load and promo subscription than GLOBE. Isn’t that much?!

Check out this image guide from globe:

GPRS on TM, Touch Mobile FBT/UBT

I dont know till when this chance will be. Im not sure if its permanent or temporary. Just enjoy it while it lasts and works. ^_^

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