How to fix “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.”

I always get this error when using Google Chrome and is connected to a GLOBE WiMAX connection via WiFi. I do now know why this occurs. At some times, when I first get connected, I have no problems. But after some hours of getting connected on the internet, this annoying “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.” issue appears and disturb my browsing experience.

Good thing is, I have a fix for this that I use and gives me guaranteed result of no “Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.” error at all!

Hitting F5 hard doesnt do any good.



The fix is rather simple. I just use a VPN!

I am using SecurityKiss VPN with a JADEITE Plan that I got for free from a past giveaway. This really comes pretty handy and useful for me.

After being connected to the VPN on any server (my favorite is UK, Canada and US), the DNS issue doesnt appear at all.

Since the flushdns method using cmd doesnt works, this one do wonders.

I do not know why this always happens to me or on my laptop, but I am just glad that I have this remedy for this annoying circumstance.

Somehow, using VPN also do helps on improving the speed of the WiMAX connection I am connected at. I noticed it when I am using GLOBE SuperSurf, the browsing speed is really poor. Some images doesnt loads at all. But when I use a VPN, everything goes smoothly. Another plus is, those sites you cannot access (perhaps such as my website) at some times, you can now get easy access on it by using a VPN.

If you didnt managed to get a free JADEITE plan from Security Kiss VPN, then you can still try their free plan. Also, you can use any VPN such as HotspotShield and OpenVPN. Just be sure to use a working ports config so that you can still browse the web once connected.

VPN really does wonders. ^_^

Who else are having problem with unresolved DNS issues? Does this works for you too?

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