How to Know If GLOBE WiMAX is Available in Your Area

I tried to borrow a WiMAX BM622 modem from a contact of mine just to test if GLOBE’s WiMAX service is available in our location before I grab one. Sadly, my first test failed as the unit hardly receives any signal. And so I tried again with a different unit, a BM625. I managed to get a full signal using external antenna and foil-tricks but still, it won’t connect. Despite the fact that the same unit works on my contact’s location without a problem.

I am thinking that it might be a problem with the area as I get blank BSID, as what I see on the WiMAX dashboard gui. Waited for a couple of weeks thinking that there is only a maintenance undergoing on our location.

Good thing, this page from GLOBE brought me the answers I need.

Its pretty simple to use.

  1. Just open up the webpage.

    Globe Tattoo Plan Builder

    Globe Tattoo Plan Builder

  2. Set your location.
  3. Click Next and you’ll see which T@ttoo subscription is available on your area, pronto.

Upon using this, I finally found out that GLOBE WiMAX is not available on our location yet.

Globe Tattoo Plan Builder

awwww. Why o why?

I am not satisfied with what I figured out, or I just cant accept that fact. And so still, I decided to contact GLOBE and inquire for an application of GLOBE WiMAX.

They asked for some information about me, including my exact location via e-mail. Then after a few days, I received a call from a GLOBE operator. She said and confirmed that GLOBE WiMAX is still not available yet on our location.

Why it is not available? When will it be available? Even DSL lines isnt available as the rep said. I did not bother to ask those though. So sad.

Now, I do not have an idea of a better paid internet connection that I can avail other than using GLOBE Prepaid Broadband stick, which is what I am always using. I once thought of acquiring WiTribe 4G last May as per they have a promo of zero lock-in period. The offer is promising but they BS their way out of my consumer-related questions and application requirements that makes me feels like they dont want me to apply at all! Also, a lot of negative reviews for their service reached me as well. I want to try SMART’s postpaid services but their GSM/WCDMA signal on our house sucks, though I will still try to inquire.

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