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Hi guys!

11-11-11, it’s the day when everybody thought it was a lucky day. But the reality is, it’s just a normal day that just comes once a century, and a sad day for Globe users out there as per all the working free internet tricks stops on working anymore. XD

Even the handler tricks for Opera Mini are not working anymore. Haha. I have tried all the tricks I know, since the beginning of FBT/UBT. But unfortunately, they wont really work. :( except for the CDC Trick, or via Magic IP, but still on CDC since it only work on 1 page browsing, and it sucks. XD

Then also the VPN free internet tricks we are using, I have tried HotspotShield VPN, it doesn’t works, even the HSS-GUI, the VillaVPN, and Admiral VPN neither wont work. And it really sucks!

But luckily, a friend of mine in facebook gives the hat tip for the latest VPN connection settings, and I’m currently using it now. :D


VPN Settings for Globe Free Internet

You just have to make a few changes on the VPN settings/config files. Just edit the port, and make it 137.

Yeah! number 137 is our lucky number. Hahah. I do not know who discover it, but I would just like to give my credits to my fb friend. XD Thanks to Mhakc Abrahan for the tip. \m/

How to change it?

If you do not know, I’ll show you a demo on how I change my vpn settings. In this case, I am using the HSS-GUI. :P

How to edit Servers config on HSS GUI

First, if you do not have HSS GUI yet, download it first from this link: Download HSS GUI.

After you have downloaded and visited that link, you should have already know how to use it. :P

Then we just have to change the port of the HSS servers we are using, into Port 137. You can easily do this via clicking on the “View Servers” option on the dropdown menu.


View Servers

Then just change it to 137. XD

Change the port to 137

Hit the Update button.


Try to connect. :D

Done! You are now connected again! Yay!

HSS GUI Connected

HSS GUI Connected


Why Hotspot only? It’s because I have tried it with other VPN, such as my favorite VillaVPN, but it doesn’t works at my trials. Maybe, I should be checking the VON forums as of now. XD

HSS is kinda slow now, but this is better than nothing. XD

It is slow on browsing, but when I checked it on, I got this:

my HSS speedtest. Crazy! XD

Enjoy guys! ^_^

Update: Okay, its drwang, thanks to drwang12 of for this solution on Globe VPN’s.

We just have to: edit current config and replace lport 53 to lport 137

Though it was reportedly claimed that this still doesn’t works on some, maybe it is area-dependent. XD

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