Samsung Galaxy Y Battery and RAM Saving Tips

It is quite evident that the number of Samsung Galaxy Y phone users skyrocketed since its debut. This relatively cheap and very affordable entry-level Android smartphone grew its popularity despite its not so high specs being fair to its price. However, there are a lot of hacks and power-user optimization that can be done with this phone. One is optimizing the use of its battery power and RAM.

Why do you need to reduce your RAM usage?

To avoid frequent lags and to save battery, helping to increase battery life. When there are a lot of applications that uses your RAM so often, it also increase the rate of battery discharge, thus somehow affects battery life and degrading it.

Do I need to use a Battery-saver App?

No. You don’t need it. Actually, using battery-saver applications will just contribute on your battery usage. Taking this into consideration, let’s just use manual way of saving battery power.

What about the automatically running in background applications that eats RAM?

We are going to use an application to stop those unnecessary apps. Same goes with the start-up applications that automatically starts its process upon phone start-up.


Here are the required applications for this Battery and RAM saving method:

  • Ram Manager PRO. LINK (Play Store link.)
  • Easy Task Killer. LINK (PlayStore link)
  • Startup Auditor. LINK (4shared link)
  • Link2SD. LINK (PlayStore link)

Some apps requires having root access. If you still haven’t rooted your Samsung Galaxy Y, you can do so by following the instructions from this link.

Download and install the said applications.


  1. Open RAM Manager. Select the option base on your preference: BALANCE, BALANCE (MORE FREE MEMORY), BALANCE (MORE MULTITASKING) etc. Suggested, use BALANCE.

    RAM Manager PRO

    RAM Manager PRO

  2. Open Easy Task Killer, tap the menu key and go to  SETTING > CHECK START AUTO OPTIMIZE. Use the following suggested values; AUTO OPTIMIZE PERCENT: 70%, AUTO OPTIMIZE FREQUENCY: 5mins.

    Easy Task Killer

    Easy Task Killer

  3. Open Startup Auditor. Tap menu and go to DISABLE ALL > DISABLE ALL & KEEP DISABLE. This is to disable applications that runs automatically upon start-up. Do not worry, it won’t disable necessary system application that your phone really needs.

    StartUp Auditor

    StartUp Auditor

  4. Open Link2SD. Link2SD is an application that can uninstall, freeze/unfreeze, and move applications from internal memory to SD (and vice-versa). With this app, we will only just freeze certain apps because deleting/uninstalling it is not a good option. You might want to use back that app, and with Link2SD freeze function, you can easily unfreeze it.


    Click the “funnel” icon, then select All, then look for the applications that you want to freeze. Here are the suggested applications that you should freeze:

AccuWeather clock
Dual clock
Factory test
FM radio
Google search
Home screen tips
HTML viewer
Messaging (Freeze only if you are using 3rd-party Messaging application.)
Music (Freeze only if you are using 3rd-party music player application.)
News & Weather
Pico TTS
Program monitor
Samsung account
Samsung push service
Setup Wizard
Social Hub
Software update
Street View
User Dictionary
Voice recorder
Voice Search
Yahoo! Finance

You can check this to see how it looks like freezing those apps.

In case you want to update your software OTA using WiFi, just unfreeze Software Update and Samsung Account for the meantime.

Additional Battery Saving Tips for Android

  • Disable 3G use when you are not using it. Just go to Phone settings >Wireless and networks>Mobile networks >then uncheck Use packet data. Or you can check my other article as well for detailed explanation on how to activate/deactivate mobile internet usage on Android.
  • Reduce Brightness level.
  • Do not use vibration.
  • Turn off GPS, Auto-rotate, and WiFi if not in use.

That’s it! This is not only for Samsung Galaxy Y. You can also implement these procedures on any Samsung Galaxy or Android phones you have. Enjoy! :D

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