Scam Tactics Online Gadget Shoppers Should Be Aware Of

Buying your gadgets online, might be a wise move in some point that you can save a couple of thousands instead of buying em from malls. Nowadays, these online gadget stores have become popular as it offers what people needs: cheaper price tag, able to market an unofficially locally released tech product yet, and of course: they also have that warranty guarantees.

Online Shopping

But for others, the first thing that comes into their minds when thinking of buying such goods or spending money through that convergence of online shopping, is the word: SCAM.

Even if, a certain online gadget shopping entity is well-established, reputable, trusted and legit, scams can still happen. How?

The possibility is simple, because of poser fraudster. They are those who poses as the legit store, pretending they are them, and presents irresistible offers to potential buyers of the trusted store. Then they scam those unlucky buyers who fell on their baits and traps; taking away their money. Instant money for them, lost money from buyers, and lost sale from the legit store.

Here’s a story of what happened on Widget City Hub recently:

Scam Alert/Notice to public

Recently, We received some reports with regards to an individual facebook account , named “WidgetCity Hub” here’s the account – adding up our customers, offering 20% off our price tags plus desperate perks. Please be advise that this account is NOT connected to us. This has been going on for 2 weeks in a row.

Let us explain how they do it.

  1. They’ll add you up, negotiate and ask you to send the money to a Gcash/Smart money.
  2. They have a dummy sim which are registered to Gcash/Smart money with the Widget City owner’s name,In which the registration do not require any valid IDs or identity verifications.
  3. Once they receive the fund credit. they can simply transfer it to their own personal Gcash/Smart money account leaving no trail at all.

Again, for precautionary measures, Here are the DOs and DON’Ts


  1. Widget City always recommends Pickup/Meetup or delivery, We made these facilities to give you security.
  2. (Swiper-On-Delivery also offered)
  3. Transact only with the official numbers posted at our Website, Facebook, Multiply and Twitter accounts. Please make sure you are transacting with REAL numbers.
  4. For Shipping, We HIGHLY ADVISE to do bank deposits, Banks have identity check on their clients, it will not be possible for them to open an account without authentic IDs.


  1. If SOMEONE offers you lower than our price tag ,Then something is FISHY.
  2. Least choose the use of Gcash and Smart Money.
  3. Never POST your mobile at our wall for your security purposes. Any concerns/interests, You can PM us or SMS our official service line.

-Widget City Team (source)

Here’s another notice from Widget City:

Scam Alert #2/Notice to public

Another fraudulent act we encountered recently. Since WC have lot of company partners, SCAMMERS had took advantage of this.

Here’s the scenario:

  1. A deal is up on a shopping site platform. Example Macbook sold at P48,000.
  2. Scammer uses credit cards of others, and enters the vital infos to purchase a voucher of a deal.
  3. Scammer posts the offer of Macbook sold at P35,000, at Auctions sites like Sulit/AyosDito or maybe Facebook/Twitter, which is VERY LOW and TEMPTING price
  4. Once the buyer inquired, the scammer says, it’s a gift from a relative but he needed cash badly, reason he is selling his voucher at loss.
  5. They’ll ask you to meet them or maybe ask you to call the Legit Shopping site’s hotline to verify the purchase.
  6. Shopping site verifies the purchase, but it doesnt mean the payment is verified. In short the answer you can get from the shopping site is a “yes” purchase is real.
  7. If you are then convinced to pay the scammer the amount he is selling, Then you’re done.


Cause if the REAL credit card owner files a dispute on the charge of credit card then your done, the release of goods to you is being halt. Money flies in just minutes! So please be careful. Confirmation of purchase is not the same as confirmation of payment. Your goods might be real as purchase, but it doesnt mean payment is verified.

A friendly advise from WC, Hold your cash without seeing the goods, Don’t be outshine by cheap prices of unknown sellers. Don’t be greedy in small amounts in exchange of security and convenience .


Upon reading such notices, here’s what have popped up in my mind:

Smart Money Scam

They (victims) could have just arranged meet-ups with official Widget City if they want to buy those expensive gadgets and should have only got in touch with the official contact details of the store, though the M.O. was well-played, and the offers are really persuading.

The worst thing here is, GCash/SmartMoney was used. I have been reading a lot of complains that GLOBE or SMART are unable to track transaction histories from this service they have. Unsure if they really can’t on their system, or they just dont want to dip their toes on this issue. Discussions from a couple of years now and up until these days have the same thought: these networks aren’t earning if they take actions to help these online shopping scam victims. So they arent really helping, and will just give those complainants an answer like: we couldnt trace it. Chances are high that it is already transferred to different accounts. Blah blah. BS dawdling response.

While some people got their luck upon reaching with NBI. Perhaps, this might be the best thing to try. Some feedback say that they are able to trace those scammers with the help of NBI.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting Widget City, I just want my readers to be aware of such incidents so they could take extra precautions when buying gadgets from any online sellers. If the seller is already popular, high chances are that there’s already some shady-minded individuals who’s taking advantage of these just to scam people for easy money.

Nobody deserves to be scammed for their hard-earned money. Nobody wants it to happen with them. At least from this, we can learn and we can be reminded to stay safe.

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