Show Skip Ad on using Opera Mini

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Clicking the skip ad button is just easy as blinking your eye. That is when you are on PC. But how about for mobile phone users, such as Opera Mini browsers with no auto-refresh? No problem! Here is the trick for that.

Let me show you a sample:

1. Go to an link. Like this:
Show Skip Ad on using Opera Mini

2. If the skip ad isn’t rendered yet, you’ll see something like this. OM wont move the count down wait time.
Show Skip Ad on using Opera Mini

3. Type this code in the address bar, without quotes: “javascript:alert(showskipad);”
Show Skip Ad on using Opera Mini

4. If the SKIP AD doesnt appears, just repeat step 3. Until the skip ad button shows. Just click it, and you are done!
Show Skip Ad on using Opera Mini

Tips: You can add the javascript code on your speed dials for quick access. :D There is also many other javascript tricks you can use, I’ll post them later so stay tuned for my next posts. ^_^

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