SMART Free Facebook Access using FB Mobile App

Good News! Free Facebook from Smart! ^_^

Early this day, I had read about the news from SMART itself, stating that facebook access will now be free for smart users! Here are the details:


Download and use of all Facebook services within the Facebook Mobile App for Java are FREE for Smart subscribers from Jul 15 to Oct 14, 2011.

However, please take note that clicking on any URL or 3rd party services (e.g. Snapstore) will lead you out of the application. Thus, usual data charges apply. You should have at least P1.00 maintaining balance to use the app. The app may be downloaded by sending FB to 211. Subscribers will receive text confirmation containing the download link of the app. Also, they may click on the Facebook Mobile Application link in the Smart WAP site.

Hope this helps.

Since I found it hard, making all OPERA MINI versions to work for free on my Aunt’s smart cp using the recent trick posted (it always fails to connect), which is Samsung GT-C3303K, I decided to try on the facebook app and it worked! Yay! ^_^

Some Photos:

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

Facebook for Samsung GT-C3303K

At P1 remaining balance, and using a no-proxy settings with APN: internet, the app runs smoothly, yet it still depends on signal and network status.

So you might wanna try it for yourself, facebook for every phone is a JAR or JAVA app in which you can install in your phone. Check this link of my previous entry: Facebook for Every Phone

ENJOY smart users!

And for us Globe users, some speculations was overheard that this might be opened for us too in the future. That means, another hole might open. Yeah, even if the trick we’re using nowadays sucks, don’t worry its not for eternity. :P

How to Experience the Free Facebook from Smart:

1. Download and Install the Facebook for Every Phone Application.
2. Use Smart Settings with APN: internet then disregard the proxy settings.
3. Use that APP for facebook-ing. :D
4. Must have at least P1 load balance.

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So are you using the app now? :D I do really hope that they would improve this app a little more, perhaps adding the chat function would be awesome.

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