Sun Cellular Prepaid Load Hack: SBW100 Unlimited Trick

Sun Cellular Prepaid Load Hack

What happens? Your load, get stacked up, doubled, and continuously increasing even if you had already subscribed to SBW100. This only works for Sun Sim that are used on a wireless USB broadband stick.



  1. 1st you must load a regular P100, if you like SBW100.
  2. After you load a regular P100 go to text press CTRL + N or click New Message.
  3. After that type SBW100 and send it to 2292.
  4. after you load it… text 2225 then type BALANCE when SBW message comes you’ll see that your regular load is currently stocked. So, do it like 5x coz the allowable load for loading your sun broadband is P500.

Unclear? Here is an attempt to make it clearer.^^

You need a regular load worth P100 or up to your Sun Broadband Wireless.
“ex. SBW100 09123456789 and send it to 2292.”
For more info about load code go in this link:
After you do it 2292 will text you that your load is successfully received.
You have received SBW100 from 09xxxxxxxxx.You can use this load to access Internet on your phone, anytime, anywhere! To get started, text INTERNET to 2300 for free info.
Don’t text 2300 coz you’re using USB Stick not Cellphone.
After that text BALANCE then send it to 2225 to check your balance and your unlimited internet usage.
If you see that your balance is STOCKED. Do it 5 times because the allowable for loading is only P500. (hideki says: I’m not sure if he was really referring to Stocked or stacked, well whatever, I still cannot try this myself.^^)
Done. Do it everyday and your internet expiration will up or its up to you.

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I am really not sure if this really works, as per I cannot test it myself. Please do try and provide a feedback, well just try it if you were actually planning to make an SBW100 subscription and ready to spend P100 prepaid credit. heheh.



Sun Broadband Load Hack - Proof 1

Sun Broadband Load Hack - Proof 2

Quoting from the source:

  • This is a major problem from there server.
  • And if this not worked to you, maybe few of sun broadband users can used this as they savings. And maybe the bug issue is in your modem.
  • And Im using Sun Broadband Wireless w/ device E153.
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