Tutorial: Easiest Way to JailBreak your iOS Device

Hi guys! I do not own an iOS device, but I found this stuff useful for those who doesn’t know it yet. But if you are into it, take time to believe that I do have won an iPad2 and iPhone4 somewhere online. XD Well, this post about how to jailbreak your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, all with the i’s) was already in my drafts for few weeks ago. I do not just wanted to get along posting jailbreaking stuff in line with the Apple’s founder, the late Steve Jobs’ death. Well, anyway, here is the tutorial. I hope you could get it, because it was really easy!Even those who doesnt own a device can understand it, what more if you do? LOL


This Guide shows how to jailbreak your iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.3 using JailbreakMe Method.

Step 1: Launch Safari app.

Step 2: Type in URL address bar the ff: http://www.jailbreakme.com and tap the Free Button.

Step 3: Now Tap the Install Button to install Cydia app

Step 4: Wait until Cydia App is Completely Installed into your iPad

Step 5: Run the Cydia app and now your iPad 2 has been Jailbroken!

Just what I had told you, that was plain simple-dead and easy! Even me that doesnt have an iPad can do that. LOL thanks to marvin378 of symb.ph as per his tutorial was the reference of this post.^^

PS. This also works on other iDevices such as:

  •  iphone 4
  • iphone 3gs
  • ipod touch

as long as they are running on iOS 4.3.3

Here is a video of this tutorial, credits to a guy named duncan at youtube. :D

The benefits of having a JailBroken device?

You get past the restrictions set by, uhm, I do not know. LOL. jailbreaking is a similar term to rooting in android and hacking in symbian, if I am not wrong at what I do know. Having a jailbroken device also lets you maximize the use and get the fullest of your device. :)


Enjoy! How I wish I am able to have my own apple device in the future. XD

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