Merry Christmas from!

Hi guys!

Yeah, this is the first minute of Christmas, as you might think, this is a scheduled post. Heheh.

I do not have anything great here to giveaway for this holiday season, (just like the other tech bloggers does) but still, I just want to greet everybody a Merry, Merry Christmas!

Then as the New Year follows, I also wish everyone to have a great and better new year ahead. So cheers everyone! Enjoy the vacation, and most of all, share the fun.

Merry Christmas!

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Thank you for still supporting me (as Hideki), and (previously H-ZoNe) through all these years.

I am optimistic that the coming year, 2012, will be a great year for us, and I can share and give more to my loyal readers and supporters, such as you.

Again, I am wishing everybody, a truly Merry Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year ahead!


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Stay safe everyone. I hope everybody gets what they want as presents. heheh. Enjoy! ^_^

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