Android VPN: Use VPN on your Android Phone

Android VPN Setup and Tips

Hi guys! Do you want to use a VPN on your android phone? Or you might have tried it but you cannot make it work? You are at the right place! I will try to compile here, every bits of information you need to know in relation to Android VPN. :D

First of all, thank you the sources. :P I do not own an Android device. LOL that’s why I just rely on the sources from the masters of this trade. XD


Android VPN

Android VPN

That’s how the VPN runs on an Android phone. Image credits: cmangalos

If you don’t know it yet, VPN’s bypasses our network restrictions. :D and the most exciting part of that bypassing thingy is: it also bypass everything. LOL Have a look at his PC-and-broadband related article about: Free Internet on Globe Tattoo and SmartBro Broadband using VPN.

See the logic and advantage? If you are using a VPN on your android device, it means you  can enjoy free mobile internet! For browsers, for other internet-dependent apps and more. That’s great! XD


Android VPN – Is my phone capable of this?

No, I’m not asking that to myself. LOL You might be asking that for yourself. Well, and the answer for that is a big YES. Only if you followed everything and make sure you do not miss even a little bit of anything. :D

So let’s start with the requirements then?


Android VPN Requirements

Before anything else, thanks to this Android VPN thread in –Im giving the full credits to all the guys behind that very content rich topic. :D

Back to the topic, here are the requirements for all android phones, that must be satisfied first before this tutorial can succeed.

  1. Rooted android phone – *you need to have your android phone rooted first. :D For the instructions on rooting, please do just google it. LOL I haven’t wrote about it as of this moment. XD Optional: You can install a custom rom and/or custom kernel with pre-loaded tun.ko (Recommended: cyanogenmod 6 and up)
  2. Root Explorer (kindly use the latest version. older versions have mount/remount problems when used on newer devices)
  3. OpenVPN Settings
  4. OpenVPN Installer
    Warning: DO NOT DOWNLOAD/INSTALL OPENVPN INSTALLER if you’re using the official CyanogenMod custom ROM or any ROMs based on CyanogenMod. This will cause OpenVPN to malfunction
    Read the details of any ROM that you are installing on your device to find out whether it’s based on CM or not*Honestly, I cannot get to understand this part as per I don’t have a droid device on hand. XD sorry. :P
  5. Terminal Emulator
  6. BusyBox
    Reminder: Custom ROMs usually have BusyBox pre-installed.
  7. Config File (admiralvpn, libertyherovpn, etc.)
    *I will be posting soon some VPN configs for Android VPN’s. :)
    Config files must be placed here -> sdcard/openvpn/
  8. tun.ko (this file is device and kernel specific. You cannot use a tun.ko that is NOT compiled for your device.)
    *just google it. :D or you can check this thread at –it’s called: Tun.ko Repository Thread.

Access Point Settings and Minimum Balance Requirements

  • For Globe, use: as APN. Required minimum balance: Php 0.00 (you can maintain it until Php4.00 and your balance won’t be consumed)
  • For Smart, use internet as APN. Required minimum balance: Php 1.00 (you can maintain it until Php9.00 and your balance won’t be consumed)
  • For Sun, NA. still under testing. Just switch to one of the above. LOL

That’s it for now. :D I’ll be just updating this blog post in the future. I am really not sure whether to post this or not, because I cannot relate to the terminologies. I haven’t tested this yet.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hahah. and failing your expectation. Anyways, you can see the full tutorial on this link: from there, you can also seek for support from the masters of Android devices and the Android VPN. :D

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