Free VPN: VillaVPN (Multiple Countries)

Hi guys!

I just wanna share this new free vpn I am using right now and for the past few days. :D

Maybe, you are contented with Hotspotshield VPN via the HSS GUI, but don’t you want something else that’s new? :P

Introducing, VillaVPN, another free VPN.

Villa VPN / VON

Villafania Open Networks, or VON, is a VPN service provided by a US-based Pinoy, and PC-enthusiast (as what I can interpret on his profile.^^), named Kristian Villafania. You can access his blog at:


VillaVPN / VON

Anyways, back to VillaVPN itself, you can access the VPN’s main site at:


As you can see, its a VB-forum. :D

VillaVPN is a free VPN, (a freemium one also). It only requires you to be active on the VON forums. That was easy, fun and it gives you a free and awesome vpn service!

Here are a couple of videos from ztrify91 @ youtube. ztrif y91 is one of VillaVPN’s promoter and he’s the one that sent me to use this VPN service. :D

How to get a VillaVPN key?


How to use VillaVPN?


At first, I was very hesitant to try this VPN service. You all know that I am a lazy guy that hates to do some things. I also hate VPN trials that requires too much stuff to do. So I passed out on this one. But ztrif y91 invited me to try out their VPN, and they gave me an access to admin-moderator-contributor (AMC) servers of the VPN. That was sweet!

I am using it now, and I can say, that I am very much satisfied with this VPN service. VillaVPN is definitely an awesome FREEmium VPN. \m/



Name: VillaVPN

Status: Free, like a premium, requiring activity in forums.

Country/Server Locations: Hong Kong, Miami, LA, CAL, Sweden, USA



My SpeedTest:

Here is my unbaked speedtest result. I just recently tested this out using the Admin-Server-1.

VillaVPN SpeedTest | Nov. 5 / 00:22am.

As you can notice, the ping is very low. :D I also have tried downloading via IDM on the past few days, and I always get a max DL transfer speed of 300kbps and up. That’s the limit of my E153 Globe broadband stick modem. :D Cool eh?

Why it’s better than Hotspotshield or Expatshield?

Hmm… Even though you get almost the same speed, with VillaVPN; you got no ads, plus no more trouble on uploading files. :D Its like having a normal internet connection, on a server location of your choice.^^


Download VillaVPN

To download VillaVPN files, you can get it from this link: Download VillaVPN Core Files

But before you can use the VPN, you must first have your own cert and key files. :D You can request it from the forum.

After you successfully got your own member’s key and cert, this tutorial will be of great help to you: Tutorial on Connecting and Using the Keys/Cert.

The videos above is also rich in info’s you should be needing.


I’ll be sticking to VillaVPN –Hideki

Yeah! I guess so. I still have a couple of days on my free 14-days access to AMC servers. I also have 6 member-keys that I had given out to my lucky facebook fans. :D I’ll post here their testimonials, feedbacks and comments once they are done with it. :D I am aiming to be a permanent AMC-servers user of VON. XD *fingers crossed*

This VPN is a must-try one, I am suggesting it to all. :D

If you got queries or problems with regards to this VPN service, don’t be shy to post in the comments section. :D



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